About us...


It all started with the creation of a natural garden

There, the richness and simplicity of the limestone hillsides and the cliffs crowned
with meadows are truly inspiring. The orchards of apple trees and other fruit trees
surrounded by hedges and covered with wild daffodils decorate the countryside of
Normandy. Every summer, the blue flax flowers enchant its horizons of sky and sea.

It is in the heart of this scenery that designer Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas has created a
natural garden where the wild meets the cultivated, in dialogue with this unique

The transformations of this garden have become an endless source of wonder:
observing a natural garden leads to awareness of the principles of nature, and to
discovering the versatility and resourcefulness of the humble strategies of living
things. Each flower is the promise of a fruit, each seed a plant in the making.

Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas presents Mira Stella (Nature at Work), a series of jewels that
pay tribute to the beauty of life. Handcrafted by a workshop of master jewellers in
Paris, they invite us to take a fresh and mindful look at seeds and plants. The
gracefulness of hydrangea petals, sea kale seeds and flax pods are all simple and
precious shapes that highlight the beauty of the wearer. Faithfully replicated in gold
or ebony, the delicacy of their structures and veins are refined to the smallest detail.