When creativity transmutes the beauty of living things

Naturalist Jewellery

A subtle glow

Sea Kale Seed


Master Jeweler in Paris

At the service of nature.

A jewellery tribute to the beauty of nature

Fine jewellery crafted by master jewellers in Paris

"My garden was thriving, and where others saw flowers, I saw jewellery..."
Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas


Hydrangea Petal

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The flowers that became jewellery

Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas

Each piece of jewelry is chosen from Nature as a timeless creation that is passed down from one generation to the next.

Mira Stella sublimates the beauty of plant forms by reproducing them identically in 18-carat rose gold, while respecting their scale.

Our creations are made in Paris on a “short circuit” by master jewelers.

Their RJC and COC certifications guarantee, from mine to store, responsible ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the jewelery supply chain