A jewellery tribute to the beauty of nature.

I grew up in a garden lovingly cultivated by my mother. One day, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to create my own garden in Normandy, in collaboration with English master botanist Mark Brown. Together we slowly brought back the butterflies and the beautiful wild flowers.

Observing the transformation of a spontaneous natural garden leads to awareness of a nature regulated according to its own principles. Each flower is the promise of a fruit, each seed a plant in the making. Thanks to their inherent shapes, seeds have withstood the elements, and embellished our landscapes with flowers and fruits on which our existence relies entirely.

My garden started thriving, and where others saw flowers, I saw jewellery … perhaps because I belong to a family of silversmiths for several generations. So I wanted to sublimate the elegance of a hydrangea petal, a sea kale seed or a flax pod by trying to reproduce them to scale in 18-carat rose gold by master jewellers in Paris. These timeless, poetic natural forms also possess the magic of a charm, for all the promises they conceal.

Mira Stella is the combination of the name of two lovers of natural gardens and flowers: Mirabelle, my mother, and Stella, my great-grandmother. I imagined these collections as family jewels which would pass on precious memories from one generation to the next.

Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas

It all started in a garden in Normandy

There, the richness and simplicity of the limestone hillsides and the cliffs crowned with meadows are truly inspiring. The orchards of apple trees and other fruit trees surrounded by hedges and covered with wild daffodils or blue flax blossoms decorate the countryside of Normandy. In the garden of designer Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas, chicory grows alongside columbine and Teller Blue hydrangeas. Dahlias provide a harmonious contrast to the mustard leaves. Himalayan blue poppies mingle with green pea plants and sea kale. The multiplicity and ingenuity of the shapes, the delicate colours, the fine geometry of the foliage and the efficient design of the seeds inspire and amaze.