Our workshop

The expertise of master jewellers at the service of nature.

The outcome of a close collaboration with a workshop of master jewellers in Paris, the handcrafted 18-carat rose gold jewellery from the Mira Stella, la nature à l’œuvre collections, invites us to take a fresh and mindful look at the seeds and plants. They involve a delicate process of sampling and preservation at the outset.

Capturing the fugitive beauty of a petal, or the bulge of a seed under a thin membrane, requires craftsmanship known only to master jewellers.

This fine casting technique is followed by a reworking of the cast. Hand polishing gives 18-carat rose gold a sophisticated finish with a matte and satin sheen to enhance the delicacy of the plant veins. Filed and polished with emery, the details are transmuted by the treatment of the surface, in order to reproduce the living essence as closely as possible. Like an alchemist, the master jeweller brings a timeless form to life using a noble and precious material.

The gold used to craft our jewelry is either extracted from certified mines or from recycled gold.

RJC and COC Certification

Our partners are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Practices Council (RJC). This comprehensive certification commits us throughout ethical, social and environmental practices. It also guarantees traceability and quality control for every stage in the production of our creations.