To produce her Mira Stella (Nature at Work) jewellery collection, Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas called on a Parisian workshop of master jewellers renowned for its highly technical skills. Indeed, reproducing real seeds or flowers requires an exceptional know-how, a wide knowledge of jewellery techniques, but also a lot of patience.
Entirely handcrafted, the jewels featured in this collection are the outcome of a long manufacturing process, where the pieces are cast using the lost wax technique, then cleaned, polished, sandblasted and sometimes reworked and assembled. Considerable attention is paid to the textures that will render the pieces either matt or shiny, so as to capture the subtle interplay of the light. All sides of the jewellery are crafted, in a naturalistic approach. For example, the hydrangea petals are reproduced on both sides. Those on the long necklace are slightly articulated to swing gently as one moves.
Born into the founding family of the silversmith Christofle, designer Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas has inherited this profound appreciation for the excellence of craftsmanship and a passion for living things. As early as 1880, Christofle patented a manufacturing process based on the imprinting of plants. Trays, plates, and other tableware were then embellished with leaf and natural flower patterns.